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     My name is John "Mickey" Spillane IV.  I was in the United States Air Force for 30 years and I retired at the highest enlisted rank allowed by Congress, Chief Master Sergeant.

     HeySarge is my philosophically driven alter-ego!  He was born 25 years ago when I realized that leadership really mattered if you ever wanted to get anybody else to do anything of significance.  In a nut shell, HeySarge believes that, "Leadership can be taught and great leadership can change the world!"

     At the beginning of my military career, I relied on my position and authority as a sergeant to get things done.  Eventually, I figured out that there is a better way to lead.  First, I redefined Leadership to capture its real essence.  Next, I developed my hypothesis of duplicative leadership! Shortly thereafter, where ever the United States Air Force sent me, I started finding overwhelming success with Commanders, peers, and subordinates. I have been blessed  to have worked with some of the best leaders in the world and I am humbled by them.   I have also had the opportunity to work with people that couldn’t lead parachutists to the ground after they jumped out of an   


airplane.  Truth be told, I watched them all, good, bad, or indifferent, like a hawk!  I noted effective techniques, processes and procedures and everything that didn’t work as well.  All along the way, I developed the “HeySarge Philosophy of Leadership!” Does it work?     

     For the last 10 years of my career, I worked collaboratively with commanders to find sustainable solutions to personnel and organizational leadership challenges for the Air Force.  Our success rate was 100%!  I am proud to say that the last three (3) Air Mobility Command Squadron's where I worked, all won Squadron of the Year honors in the categories in which they competed.  Large organizational leadership concepts are a collaborative effort.  I did not win Squadron of the Year honors, my Commanders and I just led, motivated and inspired the great men and women who did win those awards.

      Now that I have retired from the United States Air Force, after 30 years of success, I am ready to share my uniquely powerful, “HeySarge LeadershipTenets” with the world!   


The Hey Sarge Resume Available on Request

Call 501-231-5632 or E-mail

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