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Colonel Douglass DeLaMater said, "[As the]Community College of the Air Force Commencement speaker [his] motivational speech inspired [the] packed house!"  He also said Mickey was the, "Primary Instructor for the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Enhancement Seminar; [he]Taught force management and leadership to 130 new Master Sergeants!" and concluded with, " John is the ultimate team builder, motivator, mentor." 

Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Gast said Mickey, "Led NCO 101, Taught members supervision, mentoring, discipline, morale--Superb!"

57th Wing Commander, General William Rew said of Mickey, "Dynamic Senior NCO/outfront leader; Mickey gets the job done right the first time, every time--Way ahead of peers!" AND "Leader, Diplomat, Warrior--I can't say it any stronger!"


Little Rock Air Force Base Commander, Colonel Michael Minihan said, "Assigned to Squadron to pull [the] Loadmaster Section from the brink; completely reorganized 72 personnel, structure & management--overhaul complete!"  He also said Mickey had, "Unparallelled transformational leadership ability...eminently qualified!"

Commandant of the United States Air Force Weapons School, Colonel Scott Kindsvater said of Mickey, "United States Air Force Weapon School Senior Non-commissioned Officer of the Year; [he] blends operations expertise and motivation; great leader, mentor, warrior!"

The Commander of the 19th Airlift Wing, Colonel Brian S. Robinson said, "Brilliant manager/mentor; superb broad spectrum leadership critical to Air Mobility Command's largest C-130 Airlift Wing!"

Colonel Jeff Brown, the C-130 Weapon School Squadron Commander said, "Born Leader! He seems everywhere all the time: community, base, Squadron, Group and Wing--Everybody wants him!"

Colonel David Kasberg, 19th Operations Commander said, "The ultimate operations Chief! Thinks safety, morale, mission and admin 24/7/365!"

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