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Stuff You Don't Know About Leadership Until It Bites You In The Butt!



HeySarge Leadership from the


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Resiliency Training


This Keynote, Break Out or Seminar is perfect for young and old audiences alike! Nobody likes to get burned at work! Especially if you are the boss.  “Stuff You Don’t Know About Leadership Until It Bites You in the Butt” prepares leaders for all of the ups and downs of being in charge in today’s fast paced and ever changing world. HeySarge (AKA John “Mickey” Spillane) is funny and entertaining as he regales small or large groups with the hard lessons that he has learned through  a 30 year career in the United States Air Force where he achieved the rank of Chief Master Sergeant (the highest rank allowed by Congress)! HeySarge answers questions like: How do I know if I am really in charge? How do I stop someone from flicking a booger at me? How do I know if someone respects me?  Who has real power in a company?  When I take over, should I pee on something?  Why do old and young people smell and act differently? Simply put, if you can learn these lessons from HeySarge, it will be better than learning them yourself when they bite you in the butt!


The United States military is the largest training institution in the world.  Chief Master Sergeant (Retired) John “Mickey” Spillane (AKA HeySarge) has taken his 30 years of military leadership skills and translated them into lessons applicable for civilian business leaders!  Spillane covers topics that are military tenets like: unity of command, objective, offensive, mass, maneuver, economy of force, security, surprise, and simplicity and translates them into civilian equivalents. HeySarge also covers topics like: Internal propaganda and why it matters! Decisions, decisions, decisions!  Target Acquisition! And how to take the hill!  This presentation can be tailored to fit any management level a corporation or business needs to prepare managers and supervisors for leadership at the next level!


Organizations that do not build resiliency into personnel, processes, procedures and leadership are doomed to fail.  Chief Master Sergeant (Retired) John "Mickey" Spillane spent 30 years in the United States Air Force building resilient organizations ready to defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.  In his last three assignments he helped squadron's through tragedies like suicide, domestic abuse, divorce, family separation, bankruptcy and work place harassment.  He has helped squadron's rebuild after a failed inspection and has helped other organizations bounce back after ...well...let's just say, after everything that could go wrong, did go wrong."  

This key note addresses the establishment of expectations, preparing for change, facing adversity with confidence, seeking the right assistance, engaging and helping others and bouncing back quickly when something goes wrong.   

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